Why choose MyFreeISP.co.uk ?
No more engaged tones...
How do we offer a no engaged tone guarantee?
We keep modem pools set aside for us when our usage is high. This allows us to always keep phone lines available for you to connect to our network. Our current modem/user ratio is 1/1.
Fastest possible dial-up connection...
Because our modem/user ratio is 1/1 you can be assured of getting the fastest dial-up connection around. Unlike other Internet Service Providers we don't share your connection speed with other internet users. MyFreeISP.co.uk is one of only a few ISP's to offer a non-contended dial-up service.
Why pay for an expensive ISP when you can connect for FREE to the Internet?
  • No monthly charges
  • No yearly fees
  • No strings attached

  • Just use it as much and whenever you want, unlimited for FREE!
    Currently all Internet Service Providers connect their customers to the Internet, with the aid of one of four companies called ‘Tier 1’ providers, which own the global infrastructure that is the backbone of the Internet. ISPs then purchase the required amount of bandwidth to the Internet based on the number of users expected. See diagram below.
    myfreeisp - contention diagram
    Due to the high cost of bandwidth, ISPs calculate their needs based on the number of users on average that they believe will connect at any one time, usually 1 in 100. However at peak times, it is likely that 20 to 30 users in every 100 will be on-line. This is known as contention.
    This means you share your connection with other users, slowing you down to an unbearable speed, or preventing connection to the Internet altogether. At MyFreeISP we will always provide enough bandwidth to allow all of our users to get on-line at any time and at the maximum speed your equipment will allow.
    An example of contention
    myfreeisp contention example
    Take advantage of our FREE UK ISP service now! 
    Dial-up number to use: Username:
    0844 535 2225 freeisp
    Password: SMTP mail server:
    free mail.myfreeisp.co.uk
    *The Internet access service provided by MyFreeISP.co.uk is a free-to-subscribe ISP service for the UK. No set-up is involved and the service in anonymous. Because our internet access number is an 0844 number, all you pay is the cost of local phone call - just 1 penny a minute during weekday evenings and at weekends and under 4 pence per minute during the day.
    Our service supports all modems. 56k V90 V92, ISDN 64k & 128k, Network Modems and Routers.
    Choose MyFreeISP.co.uk - you know it makes sense! If you want a fast and reliable internet connection then this service is for you. No subscription fees mean that you Just pay for what you use. MyFreeISP.co.uk is also a useful backup if you need constant access and have connection problems.
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